Gear Spotlight - '98 Ibanez RG7621

A couple weeks backs a friend shot me over an eBay link. We all know I’m a fan of white guitars. We also know I’m a huge fan of old Japanese made Ibby’s. As I opened the link I realized I was staring at an absolutely immaculate ‘98 RG7621. I was already a massive fan of these guitars and regret selling a couple that I’ve had. The fact that this came white from the factory was insane. There were only a few white ones made and they’re not easy to find. Especially in this condition. Unfortunately I had just paid rent/bills so I was super low on funds. I chalked it up to a loss and was bummed I couldn’t grab it. 

Fast forward to later on that day, Will hit the band group chat with a Dunable he scored on the low from a dude up in Massachusetts. He got an insane deal so he couldn’t pass it up. I mentioned that I saw the 7621 and was bummed I couldn’t grab it. Will being an ABSOLUTE LEGEND, immediately hit me back and was like “yeah I’ll buy it just pay me back”. My brain exploded. In the matter of 7 hours, it went from me accepting that I wasn’t getting it to him hitting me with the fucking receipt. Sometimes you just gotta hook your homies up. 

With that said, I now own a completely bone stock 1998 RG7621 in an antiqued white finish. Dings and dents come with the territory if you’re buying a 23 year old guitar. This guitar? Just one little pinhead sized chip in the paint. Wouldn’t even be able to notice it unless I pointed it out. I think I’m going to keep it as is. Possible change the pickups to my normal 50/Distortion set from Seymour Duncan. Big ups to Will and Jason for making this possible.