Gear Spotlight - '99 Ibanez RG7620

A couple weeks back, someone hit me up asking if I knew anyone that would be interested in an RG7620. Immediately I said "uhhh.. me?". I've always had a weak spot for late 90s 7 string RG's. Ive probably owned close to 20 of them over the years. My first 7 String was a Grey Pewter Matte RG7620. At the time I didn't really know the full potential of a 7 string, I just thought it was cool because it tuned lower. Little did I know that years later, it would be all I play. So when he hit me up asking, my interest peaked. Then I found out that it was in one of the best colors Ibanez has ever created, Vampire Kiss. I've been drawn to dark red as a color for a long time and this nails it right on the head. My first expensive guitar was an Wine Red Les Paul Studio so that probably kicked it off. I still have it and its gorgeous. 

After waiting three weeks, it finally showed up. Shipping packages has been a nightmare because of COVID and we just have to deal with it. I ripped it out of the box and got stoked. The case it was in was an old 90's Universe case in great condition. Ill be honest, I would've kept that. Im not as nice as the dude I got this guitar from hahaha. This guitar was suprisingly clean for being 21 years old. There are a couple of chips around the edges but that is a very common thing with these guitars. The finishes were very thin so they chip easy. On top of that, the hardware is almost immaculate. For being this old, it was very well taken care of by the previous owners. The icing on the cake is the last 3 digits of the serial number. 666.

Overall, Im super stoked on this guitar. Its not my first and its definitely not my last. One thing I definitely believe is stick with what you know and like. I love these guitars and I just cant pass them up if I can grab them for a good price. Especially when theyre in great shape. Catch me ripping this thing up on Music Mondays on my Twitch channel(Twitch.TV/IamTimHowley). Lets see what I can get my hands on before the next Gear Spotlight.