Gear Spotlight - Ibanez FRIX7FEAH


As most of you know, I’m a huge fan of the Ibanez FR shape. Tele style bodies have always been at the top of my list of body shapes since I could remember. When I signed on with Ibanez, I loved the shape but they never offered them in 7 string. After getting my first version of this FR, my life was changed. I knew I wanted it to be my main stay. 

Ibanez knocked it out of the park by refinishing the first FRIX I got and replacing the neck with a Prestige Wizard-7. By now, you’ve all seen that absolute beauty of a guitar. Since receiving that, I’ts been my main Drop A guitar while my LACS RGR has been my main Drop G guitar. On this passed tour, I was having a conversation with Chris from I AM about body shapes. He asked if he should order a different body with the same finish or a different finish in the same body. It made me really think about the inconsistency between body shapes while playing live. It takes a song or two to get used to a different body shape. So after that realization, I went on the hunt for another 7 string FR. 

Ibanez had just dropped the FR807 which is an updated version of the classic looking FR body. It has a large bevel across the top of the body which is sick for playing live. Very similar to the bevel on the RGD. The only issue was that the monorail bridge couldn’t be replaced. Personally the mono-rail killed the whole guitar for me. Personally, I find it super uncomfortable. LUCKILY in the back of the warehouse, almost as if it was meant to be, there was one more FRIX7 which is the one you see here. 

Im so stoked to be able to make the FR body shape my main rig. I’ll have this bad boy set up in Drop G for the time being. Im also swapping the pups out for my usual 59/Distortion set from Seymour Duncan. Keep your eyes peeled for me jamming this bad boy all year. Ya know, whenever touring resumes and we can get back to a fucking normal life.