Gear Spotlight - Ibanez RG752WH

Contrary to popular belief. Sometimes even though you’re an artist with a company, you don’t have access to everything they put out. Being as much of a gear nerd as I am, It definitely hurts when you cant get that one guitar that fits you perfectly. Case in point is this guitar. The Ibanez RG752WH was a ZZ sounds exclusive. Ibanez is known for doing short runs of specific color ways for certain companies. Just like your favorite sneaker brands, clothing brands, and other boutique companies. Probably the most well known being the Axe Palace runs in recent years. Everyone has seen those guitars and they’re fucking awesome. This one went a little more under the radar and I didn’t find out about them until well after they were released. 


Fast forward a year or so, I saw this wildly good guitarist jamming on instagram. His name was Jesse and he was ripping crazy arpeggios on the exact guitar I missed out on. Instantly I followed him and put the pressure on him selling it to me. He told me it’d never happen, but I knew deep down in my metal soul, I’d have that damn guitar. About a year after us becoming friends and talking guitars here and there, he hit me up out of the blue and explained he got a new job and was moving down to San Diego. With that said, selling the guitar would help him with that life change. I honestly didn’t have the money, but I wanted that guitar so damn bad. I made some moves and sold some stuff while I was in Europe so I could have it in my hands. 


When I finally received it, It was pristine. It had been taken care of so well that I honestly was surprised it had been used. It was completely stock and I loved every second of it. Since I was waiting for my RGR at the time, I had Seymour Duncan make two custom sets of pickups. Both had white bobbins and the Black Winter logos. White guitars with White pickups just look amazing to me. I swapped the knobs and electronic layout as well. I had my man Jimmy replace the volume switch with a Coil Tap and popped in a 3 way blade pickup selector. This guitar has done me a great deal of service over the last few years and I absolutely love it.

For now it stays home for most tours. It was so perfect that I didn’t want to beat it too much. I have other guitars for that. This one deserved to be taken care of a little better. It plays so smooth and I wouldn’t want to jeopardize that by touring with it constantly. Will we see it at shows in the near future? Who knows. Only time will tell!