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Gear Spotlight - Ibanez FR7 Custom

So after looking at this pile of guitars I have right next to me, I thought about all of the guitars that I have and how I never told their backstories. Admittedly, I’ve been lacking with the Gear Spotlight posts. Since we’re inside until who the hell knows when, I put together a shitload of them. First up is an obvious favorite of mine. My FR Custom from the LA Custom Shop. The story behind this guitar is kind of weird but I hope you like it! In 2017, Ibanez came out with their first 7 string FR. I had been asking for one forever. So when Mike O and the team finally came through and made it a production...

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Gear Spotlight - Ibanez FRIX7FEAH

  As most of you know, I’m a huge fan of the Ibanez FR shape. Tele style bodies have always been at the top of my list of body shapes since I could remember. When I signed on with Ibanez, I loved the shape but they never offered them in 7 string. After getting my first version of this FR, my life was changed. I knew I wanted it to be my main stay.  Ibanez knocked it out of the park by refinishing the first FRIX I got and replacing the neck with a Prestige Wizard-7. By now, you’ve all seen that absolute beauty of a guitar. Since receiving that, I’ts been my main Drop A guitar while my LACS...

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Whats up everyone?! Sorry Ive been lacking in the life updates and live streaming. Tour and band stuff has completely taken over. Which is fucking awesome. But I had a little time today and I wanted to fill you in on everything thats going on! 

This last Euro tour has been bonkers. The reception that we’ve been getting is just overwhelming. The love for the new record has been amazing as well. So I just want to say thank you to everyone thats taken the time to walk up and tell us how much they love it. It reassures us that the work we’re doing is all worth it. As we wind down from this tour, we’re going to be...

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Gear Spotlight - Dunlop Crybaby From Hell

 16 years ago, December of 2003, I was a 14 year old kid with only hopes and dreams to once play in a band and go on tour.  I had heard that Dimebag Darrel was doing an autograph signing at Sam Ash in Carle Place, NY. Of course being a huge Pantera fan, I HAD to go. Showing up at about 11am, my Dad and I waited outside in the freezing cold for almost 8 hours. Finally a black limo shows up and out steps Dime, sporting his BLS vest and Camo shorts. As I patiently waited, I hear screaming coming from inside. The first kid on line was given a Crybaby from Hell. Obviously I was a little jealous but I was...

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Gear Spotlight - 1996 Les Paul Studio

The year was 2003. I was 14 years old and little did I know, the next couple of years would shape my life as a musician. I had been taking lessons for about 3 years at this point at a local music shop. They didn't have much as far as instruments but my teachers were great and that's all I needed. They usually stocked beginner guitars and starter packs. It was way easier and faster to move that stuff as a business than a $2k+ LP Custom. So when they got cool gear in, I would drool over it. Every Friday I had lessons so I knew what was on their walls at all times. At the time, I only...

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